Future Political Representatives

How are political candidates and campaigns going to differ when candidates from the Facebook/Twitter/MySpace generation begin running for political office? There will be significantly more public information about the candidates including pictures and information about their lives before considering running for office. In the past we have seen instances where a picture or some other piece of a representatives past has caused them problems. How long after something takes place in a person’s life can they be held accountable for that? If, for instance, a candidate lived the stereotypical college life including parties and wild sporting events, will they be deemed out of control and not fit to hold public office? Will every person who aspires to running for office have to seclude themselves completely from social media in order to prevent negative information surfacing in their future? Or will it appear suspicious if a candidate does not have any social media presence prior to their campaign? It will be interesting to see how new technology creates problems or solutions for the politicians of the future.

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How do you decide who to vote for for president?

Today it seems impossible to find reliable information on presidential candidates. Every news source gives tainted information to try and lead viewers in one direction or the other. How can a voter get unbiased information on the candidates in order to form an opinion of their own? If we are expected to form our own judgments, how come every news source tries to steer us towards their own political views? Not only does that make it difficult to form our own opinion, but voters become more and more stubborn in their views when they are only open to news sources that support them. I’m not saying that either side is correct or incorrect, but I believe it is important for people to keep an open mind and to reassess what they deem important every so often so that they remain well-informed and unbiased in their views. How can a person understand both sides if they only allow themselves to see or hear one of them? I have found one or two news sources that tell the news how it is and try to keep their own opinions out of it, but these are not the sources that most people rely on. Everyone has their own opinion and there are an infinite number of issues that are important every election cycle, making it very difficult to keep up with all of the information that is necessary to be a well-informed voter. My main point is that I think more people should attempt to see both sides of a topic, rather than becoming entrenched in their own side.

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Zakaria: Assessing Americas recovery – Global Public Square – CNN.com Blogs

Zakaria: Assessing Americas recovery – Global Public Square – CNN.com Blogs.

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When It Comes to Immigration, Privatization Can Kill – NYTimes.com

When It Comes to Immigration, Privatization Can Kill – NYTimes.com.

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President lobbying the Court? : SCOTUSblog

President lobbying the Court? : SCOTUSblog.

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Should the rich be taxed more?

I understand the idea that wealthy people are able to pay more in taxes and therefore some think they are obligated to do so, but how much of a difference would it actually make if they were? If we are talking about the 1%, while they represent a lot of the wealth, does it really make up that much more than the taxes of the other 99%? Furthermore, many people (radical Republicans) deem Obama a Socialist because of his ideas of spreading the wealth. While I don’t support the view that Obama is a Socialist, there seems to be widespread consent (Occupy and other similar groups) that the wealth should be more spread out. However, wouldn’t every one of those people want to be part of the 1%? Isn’t the drive to be successful what makes the United States such an advanced country? If everyone made the same amount of money and were denied the ability to increase the earnings and wealth then they may not have the desire to progress themselves. I am not saying that I think the amount of poverty in the U.S. or any other country is justified, but I am also not saying that I think those who have succeeded should be forced to pay more than their share. The amount that is considered “their share” can then be debated. We all aspire to be successful and wealthy, how can we look down on those who have achieved this as holding out on the rest of us?

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Presidential Primaries

When and why did presidential primaries become such drawn out matters? From January to August millions of dollars are spent before a candidate is even chosen. Why can’t all the elections be held within one month, or even a week? Is it really necessary for candidates to spend days in each state campaigning to receive their share of delegates? This year especially with Romney, Santorum and Gingrich drawing out the process longer than usual makes the process seem outdated and even unnecessary. I am not saying it isn’t a good thing that their is competition for such an important candidate but why does it need to go on for such a long time? Before it came to the three, or two depending on your view, candidates, multiple other candidates had their time in the spot light but ended up falling from grace. Initially Romney seemed like the strong front runner, then Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry became strong contenders before completely falling out of the race. Then Gingrich and finally Santorum before Romney began to gain momentum back. There has to be a more efficient way for a party to determine which candidate they want to run in the upcoming election. Spending millions of dollars and months of time seems like an unneeded waste when there are many more pressing concerns in the country.

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