How do you decide who to vote for for president?

Today it seems impossible to find reliable information on presidential candidates. Every news source gives tainted information to try and lead viewers in one direction or the other. How can a voter get unbiased information on the candidates in order to form an opinion of their own? If we are expected to form our own judgments, how come every news source tries to steer us towards their own political views? Not only does that make it difficult to form our own opinion, but voters become more and more stubborn in their views when they are only open to news sources that support them. I’m not saying that either side is correct or incorrect, but I believe it is important for people to keep an open mind and to reassess what they deem important every so often so that they remain well-informed and unbiased in their views. How can a person understand both sides if they only allow themselves to see or hear one of them? I have found one or two news sources that tell the news how it is and try to keep their own opinions out of it, but these are not the sources that most people rely on. Everyone has their own opinion and there are an infinite number of issues that are important every election cycle, making it very difficult to keep up with all of the information that is necessary to be a well-informed voter. My main point is that I think more people should attempt to see both sides of a topic, rather than becoming entrenched in their own side.